Revelation Sight & Sound

Short Demo of Features

Here you can watch a short demonstration of some of the features of Revelation Sight & Sound. You will be shown how to:

  • Add stills and movie clips to the timeline
  • Record a soundtrack in real time whilst your movie plays
  • Add sound effects and music
  • Use audio and visual effects, such as fade out, to enhance your work
  • Give your film a title.

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Software Features

Free Resources


Digital Video in the Curriculum

Rendering and File Formats

Gallery of Work

Useful Links

Keyboard Shortcuts

Minimum Specification

Current software v.1.088d
"A terrific software pack to create radio programmes, slideshows, documentaries & films, complete with an excellent activity guide."
TES Online

"Pupils absolutely love it!"
Holgate City Learning Centre

"... by people who want to release video-making from the clutches of the media police."
TES Online