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Digital Video Ideas and Resources

BBC Website
Editing tips from the BBC for schools that want to look at creating their own newsreels.

British Film Institute
A teaching guide, called 'Look Again', that examines how to use film and television with three- to eleven-year olds.

Digital Storytelling from BBC Wales
"Digital Stories are short, personal, multimedia scraps of TV that people can make for themselves." Here is a gallery of example stories to watch online.

Film Education
Looking at Stop Frame Animation

Film Foundation
Film Foundation website where you can download the booklet ‘Making Movies: A Guilde for Young Filmmakers’

Time Lapse Photography FAQ
Everything you need to know about time lapse photography techniques and resources.

British Film Institute
Definitive guide to the history of film and television in the UK - access free for UK education.

The Cannes Film Festival
The history and behind-the-scenes website about France's internationally renowned film festival. Find out how films are entered and judged, and which films have been selected for next year's screening.

Playing With Time
At the Playing With Time web site, unseen worlds of change can be revealed. You will see time sped up and slowed down, and behold the beauty of change. Time will be in your hands to witness, replay, and especially create. A great time lapse photography resource full of ideas to use with Revelation Sight and Sound.

Learning Curve Film Archive
A useful archive of archive film clips. They download as .mp4 files directly editable in Revelation Sight and Sound

British Pathe Archive
A huge collection of files from the Brtitish Pathe news archive. Free access and downloads for all UK schools. ALL clips directly editable using Revelation Sight and Sound.

The BBC Creative Archive
An ambitious BBC project to provide a rich collection of video and audio resources for UK educational creative re-use. Not yet launched, but information on what is coming is here.

Internet Archive – Moving Images
The US based Internet archive provides a portal to digital collections including the moving image and sound. Nearly every clip is directly editable using Revelation Sight and Sound.

The Prelinger Archive
The Prelinger archive, founded in 1983 by Rick Prelinger, is a collection of over 48,000 ephemeral films (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur), mostly US based.

Teaching Resources for Primary Classroom Use
Early Years and Primary teachers' guide to using film and tv, outlining eight basic techniques and practical activities for the close study of film and television in the classroom. High quality materials.

Teaching Resources for Secondary Classroom Use
A secondary teachers' guide to using film and tv, outlining eight basic techniques and practical activities for the close study of film and television in the classroom which are are mapped on to English and eight other curriculum subjects.

Film Education
Great resource for using film in schools.

Freeplay Downloadable Music Resources
Royalty free music downloadable and searchable – directly useable in Revelation Sight and Sound

Flickr Image Archive – Photo Search and Download
Searchable and browseable database of downloadable photos from this huge photo sharing service

Guide to Educational Video Streaming
A free guide to aid non-technical and technical individuals through the decisions and processes needed to produce good learning and teaching video that is suitable for broadcasting on the web.

BBC One Minute Movies
Hints, tips and examples about how to make a short one minute movie – ideal introduction for Secondary Pupils – and using the DV output option in Revelation Sight and Sound your short can be produced in broadcast quality (providing your computer is up to it). Check out the basic tips and advice section.

BBC Digital Storytelling
Watch movies made and edited by people at digital storytelling workshops around Wales. Organised and hosted by BBC Wales.

I Photograph To Remember
Pedro Meyer's original digital story – published 15 years ago by Voyager – but still an incredibly moving personal story of his parents' life.

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