Revelation Sight & Sound

Free Resources - Telling a Story

Pages 14 and 15 of the Revelation Sight & Sound Activity Guide help you to create simple stories using still images, the narration tool and sample sound effects in the Revelation Sight & Sound program.

digital video editing

We hope that you have a lot of fun working on the Rock Pool and The Wind and the Sun projects.

If you would like to try some more examples in your classroom please see the selection of fiction and non fiction texts and graphics below. Click on the zip file next to each title to obtain the text file, along with graphics, for each story:

digital video editing Autumn
digital video editing Fantastic
digital video editing Life Cycle of a Frog
digital video editing Little Red Riding Hood
digital video editing My Little Sister
digital video editing Parable: Far From Samaria
digital video editing Poem: On Close Inspection
digital video editing Poem: The Pot
digital video editing Sam and the Purple Octopus
digital video editing The Development of the Pyramid
digital video editing The Great Fire of London
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