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Stop Frame Animation Gallery

These examples demonstrate how easy it is to create stop frame animations using Revelation Sight & Sound in the classroom. Click on the thumbnails to view the films online.

NB: The films are streamed through a Flash player, so you will need version 8, or above, of Macromedia Flash installed on your computer. To download the latest version of the Player, please visit the Adobe website.

A team of Y9 Gifted and Talented students, along with teacher Ian Walker, from Darton High School, Barnsley spent two days at the CLC designing & creating short animated films using Revelation Sight & Sound. Logotron would like to thank the students for allowing their work to be shown in this gallery.

For Holgate City Learning Centre's case study of Revelation Sight & Sound, click here.


The Tiger
Stop frame animation is one of the most popular forms of film making. The Wallace and Grommit films are made using this technique, and it is amazingly easy to do using Revelation Sight & Sound.
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