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Holgate City Learning Centre, Barnsley - Review

The pupils absolutely love it!
Claire Thorpe, Advisory Teacher

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Why did you choose Revelation Sight & Sound?

The Primary ICT Advisor for Barnsley Authority recommended Revelation Sight & Sound.

Who is using Revelation Sight & Sound?

Schools book a day session at the centre and they can choose from a range of topics. We usually have KS1, KS2 & KS3 pupils who choose to do Stop Motion Animation. There are currently around 12 schools that use the software at the centre.

What curriculum areas and/or objectives does Revelation Sight & Sound support in your school/organisation?

I feel that it suits the majority of curriculum areas as stories can be tailored to suit any subject.

In your opinion, does Revelation Sight & Sound support the development of learners’ higher order skills such as thinking & problem solving skills?

They learn to work as a team in producing their short animated story. They also explore different ways of making their characters move and the speed at which they move. There is always a lot of discussion going on and I find that pupils learn a lot through trial and error.

What do pupils think about Revelation Sight & Sound?

They absolutely love it! They get a real kick out of seeing their mini movies played on the interactive whiteboard at the end of the day. They are always able to discuss what was good and what could be improved on each other’s movies. In our evaluation surveys, the majority of pupils have said it was brilliant!

How has Revelation Sight & Sound supported your teaching?

It has definitely been a new experience for me. After spending 5 years stuck in the KS3/4 National Curriculum, it has been like a breath of fresh air to do something different. I find that the software can be tailored to suit any age group as long as I tailor my teaching method accordingly.

How would you say Revelation Sight & Sound enhances learners’ experience?

I think it helps pupils understand that there are alternative ways of telling a story other than reading and writing. Even less confident pupils get a buzz from it.

Major successes resulting from Revelation Sight & Sound

Project: Darton High School, Barnsley Gifted & Talented Year 9 pupils

View some of the results online here

What the pupils did:

Pupils spent 2 days at the CLC preparing and creating a short animated movie. They were given the target of producing a 2-minute short story using plasticine models and props that we had at the CLC. They could also create backdrops using pictures found at the CLC or on the internet.

The first day was spent creating a storyboard and making plasticine models for their stories. They also experimented with the software to become familiar with how it worked. Most of the pupils had their first 4 scenes filmed by the end of the first day.

The second day was spent finishing the films. Pupils then concentrated on editing their films using the title & credit effects, scene transitions, and sound & special effects. They used another piece of software to create their own background music and then imported this into Revelation Sight & Sound. Pupils were able to watch their films at the end of the second day. We had love stories involving penguins, an underwater adventure, and an animated version of Pirates of the Caribbean!

What you did:

Myself and Ian Walker, the teacher from Darton High, decided to let the pupils be as creative as they liked so we basically gave input where it was needed. I initially talked to the pupils about how to create a storyboard and showed them some clips of Wallace & Gromit – there’s a great site on the BBC that goes into the background of the animated film. Once the storyboards were created, pupils then got on with making their plasticine characters.

I gave a basic demonstration of how the camera and software worked but pupils were left to work out how to move their characters around especially those who wanted their characters to fly across the screen! We showcased their work at the end of the second day and the school left with a CD of their work. The teacher from the school was so impressed with the software that he has since phoned Logotron to enquire about buying it for the school.

Various comments were made to both Ian Walker and myself during the two days. For example, one pair did not want to take a lunch break as they had immersed themselves in their story, others commented on what a great time they were having and that they couldn’t wait to see the end product. We noticed that all pupils were on task 99% of the time, pupils worked well in pairs and even at lunchtime/break times we could hear pupils discussing their work. According to my colleague from Darton High, the pupils involved are still talking about it!

Future Plans for using Revelation Sight & Sound

We will continue to use Revelation Sight & Sound at the CLC for some time as it has proved to be one of our most popular courses at primary and secondary school level. We are also intending to include Revelation Sight & Sound in our programme of twilight sessions for teachers so that they become familiar with the software and techniques required for making short animated films. The CLC has a varied community learning programme and Revelation Sight & Sound has already been used in the ‘Active Dads’ programme which will continue into the near future.

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"Pupils absolutely love it!"
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