Revelation Sight & Sound

Key Features

A video and audio editing program
Revelation Sight & Sound provides tools for combining several source files (sound, digital video, image graphics, still photographs, and text) into one resulting video or audio production. The source files can be combined in many ways and special effects can be applied to them. The results are stored as a single video or audio file enabling anyone to create their own radio programmes, slideshows, rostrum camera documentaries and high quality video feature films. For examples of projects created using Revelation Sight & Sound, see 'Gallery of Work'.

A tool for recording video and audio content
Add your own video and audio content recorded from either live sources or from pre-recorded material (such as VCR devices or cassette tape recorders).

Free resources
The software comes with a wealth of resources and many activities can be completed just with access to an ordinary digital camera. For example, there is a comprehensive set of audio resources including sample narrations, a sound effects library and a versatile collection of background music.

Special Effects
Film can be enhanced with the use of a whole range of special effects:

  • Panning and zooming add movment to still images
  • Colour images and film clips can be darkened or lightened, or even converted to black and white
  • Effects such as embossing, engraving, pixelating, mirroring images or flipping film clips upside down can also allow you to greatly experiment with your projects
  • Fade in and fade options can be applied to images and audio clips alike


Create stop-frame animations
Revelation Sight & Sound allows you to set up a Rostrum Camera and create your own stop-frame animations using models, or by filming from nature.

Projects can be rendered in a number of file formats
Choose to render your project as a stand alone file to share with others, whilst choosing from a number of file formats to best suit your needs: WMV (Windows Media Video), MP4, DV (Digital Video), AVI, Compressed AVI, WMA (Windows Media Audio), MP3 and more. For more information, see 'Rendering and File Formats'.

Titles and credits
Give your documentary or film a professional by adding titles and credits. Font type, size, and colour can all be set to your specification.

An easy to use timeline
The drag and drop, easy to understand effects can quickly be used to modify the appearance and behaviour of your video. The basic timeline has five tracks:

  • Video - for basic video content like video clips, animations, still pictures and titles and credits
  • Sound - for adding sounds, sound effects and narration
  • Music - for adding background music
  • Overlay - for adding titles andansparent parts. credits, or semi-transparent animations and picture, that you want overlayed onto the Video track
  • Effects - for adding effects that then apply to all the other tracks, for example, Fade in and Fade out.

You can add as many Sound, Music, Overlay and Effects tracks as you like.

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Software Features

Free Resources


Digital Video in the Curriculum

Rendering and File Formats

Gallery of Work

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Minimum Specification

Current software v.1.088d
"A terrific software pack to create radio programmes, slideshows, documentaries & films, complete with an excellent activity guide."
TES Online

"Pupils absolutely love it!"
Holgate City Learning Centre

"... by people who want to release video-making from the clutches of the media police."
TES Online