Revelation Natural Art

English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Liverpool - Review
by Thanks to Lewis Dinsdale, Teacher

Why did you choose to use Revelation Natural Art?

Previously, we had used Dazzle for many years which was perfectly usable as an art and graphics package across the school. When we saw Revelation Natural Art for the first time, we loved the real effect of using the different tools, especially the way the paint seems to fade out – it is very realistic!

Who is using Revelation Natural Art?

Every teacher has used the program in staff workshops and inset run by the ICT co-ordinator in the ICT suite. All pupils use the software, using the different interfaces, from Nursery to Year 6. Revelation Natural Art is used both in classes with an interactive whiteboard and in the ICT suite.

What curriculum areas and/or objectives does Revelation Natural Art support in your school?

Initially, we simpy substituted the use of Dazzle for Revelation Natural Art in obvious curriculum areas like ICT and Art. However, as a school, we decided to rewrite our medium term plans and return to a topic based curriculum. In doing this, we have made far more links with this software in a cross-curricular way, by designing front covers for books, drawing characters from stories, sketching routes over a base map of our locality for example.

In your opinion, does Revelation Natural Art support the development of learners’ higher order skills such as thinking and problem solving skills?

Revelation Natural Art is an excellent example of software that allows children to develop higher order skills through exploration and experimentation of art and design tools. Any open-ended and creative software that allows the children to be expressive allows for higher order skills to be developed. An example of such higher order skills would be shadows and light in a composition or the development of depth and persepective in a composition.

What do pupils think about Revelation Natural Art?

The children love using Revelation Natural Art! Even if they do not consider themselves good artists, they all love using Revelation Natural Art at every available opportunity. Often the children are given a choice of software to use to create a front cover or poster for example, and they choose Revelation Natural Art every time. For me, that says the most about how the children feel about the software, because they are quick to tell you about things they don’t like!

How has Revelation Natural Art supported your effective teaching?

I think Revelation Natural Art has enhanced our teaching of creative ICT across the curriculum in our school. It has enabled cross-curricular projects to take place, linking creative writing, art, ICT and music through using established artists as a starting point.

Major successes resulting from Revelation Natural Art

Project: Another Place by Antony Gormley was used as a starting point for a creative arts cross-curricular project.

What the pupils did?

The children began by studying photos and pictures of the stautes at Crosby beach at different times of day and from different angles. We discussed the colours they could see and how the colours blended in the sky and were reflected in the sea. They used the advanced tools in Revelation Natural Art to create their own very visual and personal representations of the Another Place statues.

What you did?

In terms of teacher support, the creative tools - in particular the smearing tool - were demonstrated to the children as a way of illustrating the sea surface, reflections and skylines. The children worked independently throughout the course of the project and the only teacher intervention was to share good practice with the rest of the class and encourage children to demonstrate techniques they had used they had created their own work.

What objectives were achieved and how were they assessed?

The childrens’ work showed that they all successfully created an original piece of artwork based on the Anthony Gormley statues. Some children were more experimental with the advanced tools and created stunning work as a result. The assessment was informal teacher observation based on the range of tools used, colour combinations and overall effectiveness of their piece.

Revelation Natural Art

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" that allows children to develop higher order skills through exploration..." Lewis Dinsdale, English Martyrs Catholic Primary, Litherland

"It has the Wow Factor."
Sarah Neild, Birchley St Mary’s Catholic Primary, St Helens

"Natural media effects allow users to work with the same tools on the computer that they would in their real art lessons.” TES Teacher

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