Revelation Natural Art

Schemes of Work

The following PDFs, freely available as downloads from this website, provide details of how the Revelation Natural Art can be used within a classroom environment with children of various ages.

For each type of use of the software an introductory page is provided which states:

  • The years for which it is suitable
  • An overview of the activities
  • The assumptions being made of the childrens' skills
  • The skills they should develop by performing the activities
  • The preparation required by the teacher/support staff
  • What you can expect the children to learn.

Then a table lists the screens to use and provides suggestions for the:

  • Teaching opportunities that Revelation Natural Art provide
  • Tasks that can be assigned
  • Skills that the children will learn
  • The expected learning outcomes.

Creating pictures in Revelation Natural Art
Suitability: IT Year Two

In this unit children develop visual ideas for different purposes by using ICT and other methods. They use the features of Revelation Natural Art to explore and realise their ideas and to identify ways to develop and improve their work. They will need to select and use simple tools (pen, brush, fill, and spray) in their mark making, and understand that work can be easily amended and ideas can be tried out without spoiling earlier versions. They will learn how ICT techniques can inform other techniques and vice versa, and that sometimes a screen version is the final version of a piece of work. Children will be able to apply what they have learnt in this unit when creating work in design and technology, and art.
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Combining text and graphics in Revelation Natural Art
Suitability: IT Year Three

In this unit children learn how to communicate messages by using a combination of graphics and text. They also learn the importance of saving their work.
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Developing images using repeating patterns in Revelation Natural Art
Suitability: IT Year Four

In this unit children learn to develop visual ideas and to realise these ideas using ICT. Children will need to use a computer graphics package like Revelation Natural Art to explore and experiment with ideas and will amend and modify their work to meet specific outcomes. They also learn to save their work as they go along. Children learn to use ICT tools appropriately and will select areas of an image to cut, copy and change. They learn to export their work to other packages and import images from sources such as clip art, scanner or digital camera. Children will apply what they have learnt in this unit when using ICT to produce pictures, plans and maps in art, design and technology, and geography.
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Revelation Natural Art

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Current software v.1.588

" that allows children to develop higher order skills through exploration..." Lewis Dinsdale, English Martyrs Catholic Primary, Litherland

"It has the Wow Factor."
Sarah Neild, Birchley St Mary’s Catholic Primary, St Helens

"Natural media effects allow users to work with the same tools on the computer that they would in their real art lessons.” TES Teacher

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