Revelation Natural Art

The most natural way of painting on a computer - an online presentation

revelation natural art software classroom

The great thing about Revelation Natural Art is that you can learn to use it as you grow from a child to an adult and it will support your talent and skill.

Take a look at how pupils, commercial artists, and students have been using this software to create individual and diverse artwork and design projects.


This presentation (created as a Flash file) runs for only a couple of minutes. So take the time and see what 'painting on a computer' can be like. You may agree with Sarah Neild of Birchley St. Mary's Catholic Primary School, in St. Helen's, that Revelation Natual Art "has the Wow factor".

revelation natural art software classroom

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Current software v.1.5.962a

" that allows children to develop higher order skills through exploration..." Lewis Dinsdale, English Martyrs Catholic Primary, Litherland

"It has the Wow Factor."
Sarah Neild, Birchley St Mary’s Catholic Primary, St Helens

"Natural media effects allow users to work with the same tools on the computer that they would in their real art lessons.” TES Teacher

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