Revelation Natural Art

Using ICT to Explore, Develop and Express Visual Ideas

Revelation Natural Art is a general-purpose graphics application. It provides a simple, intuitive and natural, yet powerful and comprehensive tool for art and design. It is suitable for a wide age range; from very young beginners, through juniors and home users to advanced users with a lot of experience, high expectations, and considerable expertise in both computers and art. The software’s extensive range of natural media allows users to work with the same materials - Pencil, Pen, Watercolour, Acrylic, Charcoal, Crayon, Chalk, Oil Pastel and more - as used in traditional Art and Design work.

revelation natural art software classroom
revelation natural art software classroom
revelation natural art software classroom

Here, you can find Schemes of Work, full of suggestions on how the software can be implemented in your classroom, freely downloadable in either Word or PDF format.

The 'How to' Guide introduces the software at each of the levels: Simple, Junior and Advanced.

You can also find three Step by Step Activities suitable for the classroom.

In Additional Resources you will find a number of extra graphics for use with Revelation Natural Art.

revelation natural art software classroomThe Useful Weblinks section suggests resources on the Internet that will help with the planning of lessons, as well as providing extra resources for children to use in class.

The Revelation Natural Art Gallery is a selection of some of the best artwork sent in by users. There is also an online presentation, which you can view online as a Flash file, that gives you a taster of some of the artwork created in this software.

A table of keyboard shortcuts helps you to use the software.

Revelation Natural Art has a companion software package called Revelation Sight & Sound that allows the digital editing of video and sound, as well as enabling the user to create stop frame animations and films from still images. For more information click here.

Revelation Natural Art

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Current software v.1.588

" that allows children to develop higher order skills through exploration..." Lewis Dinsdale, English Martyrs Catholic Primary, Litherland

"It has the Wow Factor."
Sarah Neild, Birchley St Mary’s Catholic Primary, St Helens

"Natural media effects allow users to work with the same tools on the computer that they would in their real art lessons.” TES Teacher

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