Revelation Natural Art

New Clipart Graphics from Logotron

Have you been inspired by our athletes at the Olympic Games?

You can use these graphics in Revelation Natural Art to illustrate your own timetable of events or brochure/poster for the next Olympics. Later you might create a training plan; write about your favourite athlete/Olympian; discuss the types of sports involved.

As well as new graphics for sport, Logotron have many new graphics to download free from this site. Simply right-click on an icon below to download a set of graphics for your History, Nature Studies, Science and Technology, and Art & Craft lessons.

For the new graphics to appear in the clipart gallery of Revelation Natural Art, you will need to add them to this folder location:

C:\Program Files\Revelation Natural Art\stamps

They will then appear as soon as you run the software.

Revelation Natural Art

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Current software v.1.588

" that allows children to develop higher order skills through exploration..." Lewis Dinsdale, English Martyrs Catholic Primary, Litherland

"It has the Wow Factor."
Sarah Neild, Birchley St Mary’s Catholic Primary, St Helens

"Natural media effects allow users to work with the same tools on the computer that they would in their real art lessons.” TES Teacher

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