Revelation Natural Art

Greetings Card

Now that you are familiar with drawing and using stamps in Revelation Natural Art, let's put it all together and make a greetings card. To help you put all the pictures and text in the right places, you can download this example file.

card.lgf (69 KB)

Simply click on the file, and choose 'Save this program to disk'. Make sure to ask your teacher where you can save the file. Remember where you put it, because we'll need to open it in just a moment.

1. Open Revelation Natural Art by clicking on the shortcut on the Start Menu.

2. Click on the Open icon and find the example file you just downloaded.
3. Find the folder where you saved the example file, select it and click the open button.

You will see an example of a birthday card - it already has pictures and text in it, but we are going to delete those and replace them with your own artwork and text.

The final card will only by a quarter the size of the whole page. We will fold the paper twice to make it, so the pictures on the outside have to be upside down so that will be the right way up when the card is finished.

4. Let's start with the text on the inside of the card. You can delete the text that is already there by clicking on the Selection icon and dragging a box around all the text in the bottom right part of the card.

As soon as you have all of the text, press the delete button on your keyboard. All the text should disappear, but if you missed any you can just repeat the selection and delete.

5.Now you can put in your own text. Click the Text icon and type in your text. Remember you can change the font and the size of the text. If you want it to appear in a different colour, just click a coloured pencil while the text box is open. Move the text to where you want it and close the text box.

Now we can move to the front of the card. If you scroll up to the top of the example you will see the front and back of the card. As you read earlier, because the card will be folded, these pictures have to be upside down. Remember to first delete the picture and text that are already there.

6. Pick a stamp from the stamp browser and drag it onto the paper. The stamp will appear as a selection, with a dotted line around it and small boxes at the corners. You can resize it by dragging the boxes away or towards the middle of the picture.

You can move the picture by clicking in the middle of it and dragging it to a somewhere else on the page.

7. When you're happy with the size of the stamp, right click on the stamp and pick Transform from the menu. Then click on Flip Vertically, and the picture will turn upside down.

You can still move it by clicking in the middle and dragging. You can then do the same thing with the smaller picture that will end up on the back of the card. If you want to keep the back empty, just delete what is there and leave it blank.

If you change your mind about anything you put on the card earlier, you can delete or move it by selecting it again. When you are completely happy with the card, click on the Save icon.

Make sure to ask your teacher where you can save your work and to give the pattern a name that you can easily remember to help you find it again later on.

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