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Imagine is a versatile and accessible integrated educational software program, which brings multimedia authoring to the Logo environment. Suitable for learners of all ages and abilities, Imagine Logo promotes the creative use of ICT across the curriculum and comprises of a richly connected and layered set of tools and frameworks.

Use Imagine Logo to control on-screen turtles, create procedures, build activities and multiple page projects, as well as, direct drive painting tools, compose music and work with animation. The program's multimedia capabilites allow students to stretch their imaginations and develop their creative skills while at the same time producing high quality projects, which can be shared, printed, or published on the web or school intranet.


Find Step by Step Guides here to use in your classroom. There are fifteen projects for you to follow and create yourself.

Click here to find out how you can easily print both turtle graphics and the turtle commands your children have typed as they explore using the turtle at a simple level...

You can look at our project gallery to give you more ideas of interesting things to do with Imagine Logo.

Find out how to use Logopoint, Simple Turtle, and the Framework Editor, which are part of the Imagine Logo software bundle.

Download the Plug-in from here so that you can view online Imagine Logo web projects.



Step by Step Activities


Simple Turtle

Framework Editor

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Gallery of Work

Design & evaluation of Maths related programs for Special Education

Keyboard Shortcuts

Minimum Specification

Current software v.2.401a

"You really can't go wrong with Imagine. It is a thousand programs rolled into one..." Sue Broadbent, Waterloo & Moorside Primary Schools

"...any project that has been created can be saved as a stand-alone .exe file, or as a web page. Pupils are thus encouraged to think about audience during the authoring process..." Jackie Prouse, Bradley Barton Primary School

"This is a situation in which ICT has been used as a tool to express, but also to explore, the imagination of each individual pupil." Louise Siaw, Penwortham Primary School

"...a flexible program with excellent cross-curricular potential." David Wynn, Rushall JMI School

" well as using Imagine in ICT, children at Stockham School have used Imagine in a variety of other subject areas, including Art, Maths and Literacy." Stuart Taylor, Stockham School