Insight iLOG Studio

Software Demo - Insight Analysis

It is now possible to download a demo version of Insight iLOG Studio , which is called Insight Analysis, because it contains sample files from both the Primary and the Secondary versions of the software. Here is what Insight Analysis can do:

  • Insight Analysis offers the full set of data analysing features from the data-logging and modelling program Insight iLOG Studio
  • Any files saved with Insight iLOG Junior or Insight iLOG Studio can be opened in Insight Analysis, and the stored data analysed
  • Insight iLOG files may incorporate experiment reports and instructions for performing tasks with data
  • Insight Analysis also accepts keyboard entry of data which may be displayed as a graph and analysed using the Insight tools
  • Descriptive notes may be added and saved together with data in files using the Insight iLOG format
  • You cannot, however, import saved data from a logger or record data in real-time from any hardware tool.

To download the demo, please click here (10MB)

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Current software v.5.09
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