Junior Control Insight 2.5

Keyboard Shortcuts

New Create new document / open sample document Ctrl + N
Open Open an existing document Ctrl + O
Save Save the active document Ctrl + S
Print Print the active document Ctrl + P
Undo Undo the last action Ctrl + Z
Redo Redo the previously undone option Ctrl + Y
Duplicate Duplicate selected objects Ctrl + D
Delete Erase the selection Del
Bring to front Bring selected objects to the front Ctrl + F
Send to back Send selected objects to the back Ctrl + B
Help Topics List Help topics F1










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Junior Control Insight v.2.51


"It enables the pupils to create simulations on screen, they learn as they go along which they find fun and don’t often realise they are learning." Christine Whitehead, Antrobus St Mark’s Primary School, Cheshire

"It fully supports the Control element of the ICT Curriculum." Cathy Thomas, Colham Manor Primary School, Hillingdon

"Teachers can be deterred from exploiting the potential of on-screen control software... Junior Control Insight addresses these problems..." Primary Choice

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