Junior Control Insight 2.5

Key Features

3 Different Viewing Windows: Scene, Systems, Connections
The different viewing windows help students develop and test control systems:

  • Scene window shows an animated picture of the model
  • System window shows a diagram of all the active components and how they are linked
  • Connections window shows how to connect the model to the interface


4 Modes of Operation: Design, Run, Check, Control
Students can design part of a system and test it at any time, providing them with the perfect tool to help them develop their ideas and increase their understanding of control procedures. No external equipment is required to build a working system.

  • Design mode for building the control system which organises the instructions.
  • Run mode for showing how the control system works on the screen as a simulation.
  • Check mode for checking that the devices and sensors are connected to the interface correctly.
  • Control mode for sending the control instructions to the interface and controlling the model.


17 Control Interfaces Supported
Includes interfaces by Commotion, Deltronics, Economatics, Fischer, and Dataharvest.


A range of ready-made files to help you build and experiment with control systems
All of these files are found from the 'New' dialogue box. Select a tab from the following:

  • Tutorials - This is for first-time users. Each control system has on-screen instructions and is supported by the Junior Control Insight 2 Activity Guide, which comes with the software as a PDF.
  • Examples - This gives a range of examples of (ready built) control systems, which illustrate how to use the different types of control module.
  • FIXITs - This gives a range of simple exercises ideal for class use when pupils are learning how to use Junior Control Insight 2. Each example offers a control system which is defective in some way, and the task is to alter it to make it work better. Fix-its are ideal for class use when students are learning how to use Junior Control Insight. (Solutions to FIXITS are here online).
  • Projects - This offers a series of scenarios each containing a range of ready built and partially built control systems.
  • New - This offers a similar series of scenarios to the projects but with no ready-built control systems. Each file is equipped with a full gallery of sensors and devices ready for building your own control systems in the Scene window.


Interface in Four Sizes
The Interface for Control Insight has been totally redrawn in four sizes from small to extra large. This will make the software compatible with new computer screens including the Whiteboard interface.


Interactive Help
Click F1 whilst using the software to view the new interactive help page.

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Junior Control Insight v.2.51


"It enables the pupils to create simulations on screen, they learn as they go along which they find fun and don’t often realise they are learning." Christine Whitehead, Antrobus St Mark’s Primary School, Cheshire

"It fully supports the Control element of the ICT Curriculum." Cathy Thomas, Colham Manor Primary School, Hillingdon

"Teachers can be deterred from exploiting the potential of on-screen control software... Junior Control Insight addresses these problems..." Primary Choice

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