Junior Control Insight 2.5

The control & modelling tool for the ICT and D&T curriculum

Junior Control insight offers a unique solution to teaching control & modelling. Pupils can view their control system in three different ways, supporting the design-test-build method of control. The Scene Window shows an animated picture of the model; the System Window shows the active components and how they relate; and the Connections Window shows how to connect the interface.

You need little equipment, because a large number of animated screen-based simulations are used, including: Dream Bedroom, Fun Fair, Haunted House, Inventor's Workshop and many more.

Scene Window
System Window
Connections Window

This website gives you a number of tips and resources to help you make the most of Junior Control Insight in your classroom.

You can read the paper, Using Computers to Control Machines - A New Approach, by Laurence Rogers (author of the Control Insight family of software).

Click here to find out how Junior Control Insight can be used in ICT Assessment. This study has been prepared by Carolyn Lewis, ICT Advisor for West Berkshire LEA.

The Hints and Tips section will show you how to create and edit animated objects.

Listed here are all the solutions to the FIXITS in Junior Control Insight.

Find out which control interfaces work with the software with the software and also how to purchase them.

Inventor's Workshop

Junior Control Insight 2 has a companion package for secondary pupils, Control Insight 2.

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Junior Control Insight v.2.53


"It enables the pupils to create simulations on screen, they learn as they go along which they find fun and don’t often realise they are learning." Christine Whitehead, Antrobus St Mark’s Primary School, Cheshire

"It fully supports the Control element of the ICT Curriculum." Cathy Thomas, Colham Manor Primary School, Hillingdon

"Teachers can be deterred from exploiting the potential of on-screen control software... Junior Control Insight addresses these problems..." Primary Choice

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