Junior Control Insight 2.5

ICT Assessment in Control using Junior Control Insight

by Carolyn Lewis
ICT Advisor
West Berkshire LEA

Carolyn Lewis, part of the ICT Advisory team at West Berkshire LEA, has front-lined the use of Junior Control Insight in schools across the authority. Carolyn has been most impressed with Junior Control Insight's ease of use and with the scope provided by the intricate fantasy scenarios which are built in. These scenarios (including Dream Bedroom, Haunted House and Funfair) allow pupils to Try Things Out and Make Things Happen in a fun and imaginative way. Differentiation is well incorporated, with the opportunity to create the most simple or the most challenging controlled situations.

Some of Carolyn's pupils have just taken Junior Control Insight a step further and have created a 'Funfair at the End of the Universe'. Pupil's imaginations have been truly engaged. Carolyn has kindly allowed us to share her Scheme of Work template for ICT Assessment in Control, using Junior Control Insight, which we hope teachers using this program will be keen to use.

Click here to download the Scheme of Work template for ICT Assessment in Control (Word doc).

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Junior Control Insight v.2.51


"It enables the pupils to create simulations on screen, they learn as they go along which they find fun and don’t often realise they are learning." Christine Whitehead, Antrobus St Mark’s Primary School, Cheshire

"It fully supports the Control element of the ICT Curriculum." Cathy Thomas, Colham Manor Primary School, Hillingdon

"Teachers can be deterred from exploiting the potential of on-screen control software... Junior Control Insight addresses these problems..." Primary Choice

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