Junior Control Insight 2.5

Antrobus St Mark’s Primary School, Cheshire - Review

Thanks to Christine Whitehead, Year 5 and 6 Teacher

Why did you choose Junior Control Insight?

The Headteacher chose it to cover the QCA control units of work. Logotron products are always excellent and reliable, so we knew Junior Control Insight would provide us with an interesting way for the pupils to create their own work with different activities and enables the pupils to make things happen.

Who is using Junior Control Insight?

At the moment I am using it with my year 5 and 6 class of 23 children.

What curriculum areas and/or objectives does Junior Control Insight support in your school/organisation?

I am using it in ICT to cover QCA units 5e and 6c.

In your opinion, does Junior Control Insight support the development of learners’ higher order skills such as thinking & problem solving skills?

Yes. It enables the pupils to create simulations on screen, they learn as they go along which they find fun and don’t often realise they are learning. They are able to work at their own pace and gain new skills throughout the programme, whether it is a simple system or a more complex one. Pupils are able to put their own imaginations to the test and each pupil has a different outcome.

What do pupils think about Junior Control Insight?

They have enjoyed using it, found it easy to get to grips with and then enjoyed the challenge of creating their own projects. They like the way in which they can create what they want to see happen rather then following instructions which would lead them to the same outcome. The pupils enjoy seeing the final solutions that they themselves have achieved.

How has Junior Control Insight supported your teaching?

As I am not confident in this area, the tutorials and fix-its proved invaluable for me to understand the program. Being able to understand this helps me to be more confident with helping the pupils. Most often I give them advice but the pupils want to get on with it themselves and let me know when they want me to see their work.

How would you say Junior Control Insight enhances learners’ experience?

It is an excellent way for them to see the effects of changing and giving instructions without actually having the real gadgets/models. It is an interactive programme that allows the pupils to use their imagination and create a fun simulation while also learning about how something like this is created. One on the key enhancing factors is the fact that it allows the pupils to solve their own problems, which I think helps them to improve and makes learning more interactive.

Future Plans for using Junior Control Insight?

I teach this topic on a 2 year cycle so by then I will need to refresh my own skills. I will hopefully start it early in the term as time at the end of the summer term always seems to be taken up with play rehearsals, visits to high schools and residentials. I feel there is still much that I could have gone on to do but have just run out of time.

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Junior Control Insight v.2.51


"It enables the pupils to create simulations on screen, they learn as they go along which they find fun and don’t often realise they are learning." Christine Whitehead, Antrobus St Mark’s Primary School, Cheshire

"It fully supports the Control element of the ICT Curriculum." Cathy Thomas, Colham Manor Primary School, Hillingdon

"Teachers can be deterred from exploiting the potential of on-screen control software... Junior Control Insight addresses these problems..." Primary Choice

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